Hello, I’m Charles.  I’ve been an avid reader since early childhood and thus far have written two books.  The genre is Urban Fantasy Thriller. 

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The second book, “Holly von Patton and the Price of Russian Doorknobs” continues Holly’s adventures.

The first book, “Holly von Patton and the Intelligent Design” is a prequel that introduces the series and the characters.  

HOLLY VON PATTON is an Honor Student preparing to gain some experience with a summer job.  She is hoping to follow the career paths of her Mother and Father as a Neuro-Psychologist.  The experience offers her valuable credit for work in the field, which will likely make her college acceptance at UC Berkeley attainable. 

Despite all her success, Holly feels something is missing in her life.  Holly wants to make an impression on her world by accomplishing something worthwhile in the spreading of Good and driving away Evil.  Then she meets DUNCAN MAXWELL, a wealthy bachelor with penetrating blue eyes and a unique past.  Duncan has lived to be 770 but doesn’t look a day older than 60.

Within 24 hours of meeting Duncan, Holly’s understanding of the world turns upside down, and she finds herself leading a team of friends fighting for their lives against a Russian Megalomaniac whose idol is Rasputin.  BORIS SUMONAVITCH has recruited a Dark Coven with a purpose of taking over the world, starting with Los Angeles.

Filled with LA gangs, Russian immigrants and more, “Holly von Patton and the Intelligent Design” and “Holly von Patton and the Price of Russian Doorknobs”  follow Holly and her friends through a gauntlet of training, trouble and turmoil, leading up to a final climactic realization that may end with her own undoing.

...Four teammates...

...Three confrontations...

...Two outcomes...

...One chance to save her world...

In this second book, Holly and her team hone their talents and take the defensive initiative against their arch-nemesis, the shifty and dangerous “Tsar Boris”. Holly and her friends finish their training and manifest new ranged mental powers and abilities.

Holly’s team lead “Tsar Boris’s” Russians on a chase that starts in Long Beach and ranges from there to Omniversal Studios Theme Park and then to the La Brea Tar Pits, culminating with a virtual battle in Alex’s mind.

Can Holly save her Soul Mate from the evil “Tsar Boris”? Or will Alex be lost forever—a casualty in the cybernetic war?

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